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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Newborn Pumpkin Hat Pattern: FREE

Since it has been a while since I have updated this blog, I figured I owed it to my followers and readers to post a little freebie.

Fall time is a great time to welcome new babies into the world.  I, myself, had a fall baby the first time... and I would have LOVED to have a pumpkin hat for him!!  Halloween babies are so blasted fun!!

This year, I have been feeling like I want to give back to some of the babies out there.  So I put together this newborn pumpkin hat pattern for a great idea for a baby gift.  After all, who doesn't want a crochet baby hat these days?

So here it is, enjoy!

FREE Newborn Pumpkin Hat Crochet Pattern
Worsted (Med)
Brown, Orange, Green

Hook: sizes G & H

Special Stitch:  

Puff stitch --  Yarn over (YO), insert hook into next stitch, yo and draw yarn through st, yo again and draw yarn through 2 loops.  In the same stitch, repeat the same steps as above until you have 6 loops on the hook. YO and pull yarn through ALL 6 loops.  Chain 1.

Hat Body:

With brown yarn and H hook, ch 3.  Join to 1st ch to form loop.

Rnd 1: work 7 hdc in loop.  Join with ss to 1st.

Rnd 2: Ch 1. work 7 hdc around. (7 hdc) ss to join.

Rnd 3-5:  Repeat rnd 2.

Rnd 6: Ch 1. 2 hdc in each st around. (14 hdc) join with ss.

Rnd 7: ch 1. *2 hdc in next. hdc in next st. repeat * around. (21) join with ss.

Rnd 8: Ch 1. *2 hdc in next st. hdc in next 2 st. repeat * around. (28) join with ss.

Rnd 9: Join to orange yarn.  Ch. 1. *2 hdc in next. hdc in next 3 st. repeat * around. (35)

Rnd 10: ch 1. *2 hdc in next st. hdc in next 5 st. repeat *. (41)

Rnd 11: ch 1. hdc around (41)

12-17: Ch 2. Dc in next 2 st. Puff Stitch (see special stitch instructions on top) in next st. *dc in next 4 st. Puff stitch in next. repeat * around.  There will be an extra dc at the end of the row. (there will be 8 puff stitches total around).

Change to G hook.

Rnd 18-21: ch 1. sc around. (41) Fasten off after row 21.

Curly Cue:

With H Hook and Green yarn, chain 13.

In 2nd chain from hook, hdc 2 times in chain.  Work 2 hdc in each stitch forming the curl.  (24) Fasten off leaving a tail to thread and attach to the top of the hat.
Hope you have a blast making this cute hat!  If you do make one, send us some pictures and we can post them!!  Or share your stories with us... we LOVE feedback!

Have a Happy Halloween and a fantastic Fall!


PS -- Oh, and if you decide to sell these hats, please give us the credit for the design :)  Thanks!

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  1. That looks so dang cute! Now I wish my baby was still little so I could make it for her and use it in a photo shoot! Maybe I'll have to see how I can alter it for a 1 year old!


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