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Friday, October 19, 2012

10 Fabulous FREE Halloween Crochet Patterns!

I have been searching the Internet this week for inspiration and some fun projects I can do in bed while recovering from this tonsillectomy.  I just had to share what I found!

Trick or Treat Bag
How super cute is that?!  For the pattern and information check out their site here!

Candy Corn Bunting (Pendants)
Who doesn't love Candy Corn??  Check out this pattern here!

Happy Bat Bag
I am a sucker for cute crochet bags... and Halloween stuff... put both together and I am totally in bliss!  Click here for the free pattern!

Trick or Treat Wreath
This wreath is just too fun to not try!  Click here for pattern!  And here is another cute wreath:

Candy Corn Wreath

The pattern is found here!

Witch or Wizard Hats
I think these look a lot of fun!  Pattern found here.

Cute Crochet Pumpkins
Pattern found here! (I think you have to have a membership to the site for this pattern.  It's free though, and easy to sign up)

Halloween Pendant
I think this would look great in my kitchen!  Pattern found here.

Black Cat Door Stopper
I think I would put a festive orange ribbon around his neck... pattern here!

Spider Webby Bag
I think this has got to be one of my favorites!  I think it's fantastic!  You can check out the pattern here!

There, I hope this has given you some great ideas for the season and motivated you to dust off those hooks! I know it has for me.  If you do decided to make any of these patterns, we would LOVE for you to send us pictures of your finished product.

-Cat Pin It

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