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Friday, December 27, 2013

Crochet Nativity Set (Part One)

I am so excited to finally post about this project I have been doing this year.  The idea came from a fellow crocheter and blogger, Chelsea from A Chick w/ Sticks.  But of course, I really wanted to make it my own.
(I actually made 7 sets, but had already sent out 2 before I remembered to take pics!)

I made 7 Nativity Sets.  Well, they aren't complete YET.  Since I am making so many, I have scheduled this as a 3 year project.  This year, my family received these:

This basic set included:
Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Angel, and stable carrier case.

You can find the original patterns here:
Baby Jesus
Stable Carrier Case (Crocheted Cheche) {UPDATE!! If you have a hard time getting this, please email me: nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com and I will "help" you out.} 

And then I made my own adjustments:

For the figures, I didn't want finger puppets, and I wanted to make them bigger.  So I used a G hook, and then I used the stuffing option that the pattern gives.

Mary: I gave her some white trim.

Joseph: I used a darker green, and I added a belt for him.

Baby Jesus:  I made the baby with the smaller hook required in the pattern, I tried it with the G but the baby was WAY to big!  Then I made the manger from the magazine pattern -- but I made the straw a little more loopy.  AND the manger is reversible... so I can turn the straw in and put baby on top if I want.

Angel:  I didn't like the pattern wings -- I thought they looked more like a butterfly's.  So I designed my own.  I wanted them to look graceful and "falling".

Stable Carrier Case:  I actually made this a little bigger than the pattern asks for.  I also made the star bigger too.


This project is the first installment of a 3 year project.  This next year (2014) I will be adding the shepherds, some sheep (my own design), and a donkey (which will be my own design as well), and my family members will get to add them to their collections.

In 2015, I will be doing the 3 wise men, and a camel (again, will be my design).  I will be including the patterns for FREE on this site when I get them done so you will be able to add them to your own nativity sets... yay!


2015 UPDATES!!!!

The Nativity Part 2 is up!!!  It includes the links to the shepherds and my own patterns for FREE for the Donkey and the Sheep!!  Click here!!

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