wor·sted[woos-tid, wur-stid] noun 1. firmly twisted yarn or thread spun from combed, stapled wool fibers of the same length, for weaving, knitting, etc. Compare woolen. 2. wool cloth woven from such yarns, having a hard, smooth surface and no nap.

Free Patterns

Designs by Cat:

*NEW* Striped Beanie Pattern for Men/Women & Children

Men's Striped Beanie Pattern (Updated pattern link above!)

Candy Corn Hat Pattern for Toddlers/Children

 Monster Eyeball Hat Pattern for Toddlers

 Newborn Pumpkin Hat Pattern

Cat's Basic Hat Pattern

How to Crochet a Star (or Two)

Cat's Super Hero Mask/Ear Warmers

Designs by Heidi:

Free Patterns from Other Sites we Love:

Elf Cap Pattern from Oodles 4 Noodles
Top 10 Free Halloween Patterns 2012
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