wor·sted[woos-tid, wur-stid] noun 1. firmly twisted yarn or thread spun from combed, stapled wool fibers of the same length, for weaving, knitting, etc. Compare woolen. 2. wool cloth woven from such yarns, having a hard, smooth surface and no nap.

About Amy

Hi! I am Amy. I am a stay-at-home mom, and have 4 children.  I have always enjoyed arts and crafts, but have always struggled coming up with ideas.  I am hoping that that will change as I work on this blog.  I never, never thought I would ever be doing something like this.  I didn't really know how to crochet until last year.  Cat called me and was trying to talk me into doing hats with her.  I pretty much said... no way.. (in so many words..).  I did not think that I could do it.  I saw her stuff and just couldn't imagine being able to do it.  I had only just did a crochet stitch around a blankets.. and that was like 15 years ago!  She eventually sat down with me and taught me the basics.. and how to follow a simple pattern.  Thank goodness she did patterns because I could actually understand them.  She gears them towards beginners.. which was most definitely me.  I am still a beginner.. and still learning.. and can still only follow a basic pattern.  Hopefully with this website I will improve and learn more with all of you! Pin It

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