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Monday, November 14, 2011

Winners of the Kick Off Giveaway!

First off, I just wanted to take a second and thank everyone for their support on this new endeavor of Heidi's and mine.  We are really excited to see it take off like it has, it's awesome!

Now to the winners:

Winner of the coveted Woman's Grey Button Hat is:
Haiku Amy!!!!

Winner of the Man Band is:
The Davis Family!!!

Winner of the Puppy Hat is:

And Merrianne and Annika were winner of the two baby hats.  However, after reading their comments I had this feeling that they didn't have much use for the baby hats.  So instead, if they would like, I would like to offer each of them 50% off a hat of their choice and free shipping.  (Unless they would like one of the baby hats anyway....)

Winners, please email me, Cat with your shipping info so I can get those hats to you!  (Merrianne and Annika -- email me and let me know what you decide) My email can be found under the contact information of this blog.

Thanks again for everyone who participated!!  Remember to spread the word about this blog.  The more people and traffic we get the more opportunities for giveaways and all other fun stuff we will be able to do.  Right now our goal is 50 followers, and then we will give away a Sock Monkey Hat (size and color of winner's choice).

Thanks again for your support!

-Cat Pin It


  1. Ohh! THANK YOU!!!
    I would love a Baby Hat ♥
    My neice is having a baby in December and she lives in Utah.. so that little baby needs a hat to keep her noggin warm :)
    i'll email ya!
    THanks Again!!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH I WON!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been spreading the love on Facebook. I love your hats!

  3. YAY!! Can I just come to your appt and pick it up?

  4. Holy cow! The hat came in the mail today. Talk about quick mail time. It fits perfect and looks so super cute on me. Ya, it improves my looks, I gotta say thanks Cat!


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