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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cat's Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

I feel in love with the whole "sock monkey" hat idea last winter when I saw a few of them floating around campus.  But my issue was, that I couldn't seem to find one that I really, truly liked.  Sure there were things about all of them I did like, but always something that bothered me... not to mention the fact that several styles are just a little bit creepy too.

So after looking at lots of pictures of different hats and the original sock monkey dolls, I came up with my own design and have fallen in love with this little guy.  I sell a lot of these hats and have had them requested at several craft fairs or farmer's markets -- I just can't get enough of them done to do something like that.

I have to say, I have become very attached to this design.  I know it may seem silly, but when something is truly YOURS it's hard to share in some ways.  I didn't have any problem making and selling them, but any time someone requested a pattern, I shut down.  I just couldn't give away my little design secrets!

But we grow, thankfully, and we learn.  And I have finally decided to sell my pattern, so that others can enjoy making this little guy as much as I do.

I am selling the pattern in a PDF file that I will email you once the transaction goes through paypal.  The pattern is $8.  Now, before you go on and tell me that there are cheaper Sock Monkeys out there, I want you do two things:  First, if you want a cheaper one, go for it.  Second, this pattern includes 2 different sizes of ear flaps, 6 different mouths, and few other ideas so that you are able to customize your hat just the way you want it!

Note:  As of today, 11/12/11, only the newborn/baby/toddler pattern is available to buy.  I am still working on the children/ Adult sized one.  The reason they are not all bundled together in one pattern is because they are, in fact, totally different hats and so I will sell them as such.

Cat's Sock Monkey Hat Pattern
Pattern is $8.00

I am still selling these hats online here as well already made for those of you who just want to buy one.  No problem!

My hats are made of super soft wool, except for the red and black accents.  This is my little guy's favorite hat of all the ones I have made him.

Sizes/ Prices

Important note:  When ordering, make sure you tell me in the "notes" what you are ordering and what size you want.  Paypal does NOT give me that information.
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