wor·sted[woos-tid, wur-stid] noun 1. firmly twisted yarn or thread spun from combed, stapled wool fibers of the same length, for weaving, knitting, etc. Compare woolen. 2. wool cloth woven from such yarns, having a hard, smooth surface and no nap.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So You Want to Crochet: Single Crochet Stitch (sc)

The single crochet stitch (sc) is one of the most basic stitches in crocheting.  It is also very easy to master.  After failing to get good photos of me stitching one, I turned to the internet.  After looking over several sites, I finally found one that was easy to understand and had good views of the stitch and how to do it.

This video is very good and shows very clearly how to make the stitch.

You can also find clear written instructions with pictures here!

I often use this stitch on hats when I do edging or the ear flaps.  The stitches are smaller and closer together, which means smaller holes.. which means.. warmer ears!  I found a good beginner scarf pattern that is very basic and uses the single stitch almost exclusively, so you get really good practice.. and a scarf as well.  It is found here: Beginner's Free Crochet Scarf Pattern.

If you have any questions ask away! We are here to help :)

-Amy Pin It

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