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Friday, November 2, 2012

Chaining, Slip Stitching, and Other Crochet Basics

We should have probably posted this earlier, but we got so excited that we skipped ahead a bit.  I didn't realize until this morning, that a beginner wouldn't be able to even start the Single Crochet Stitch without learning to Chain first... duh, on my part.

So here is a quick guide to a few basics of crocheting:

The Chain Stitch (ch):

Just about every project I have ever done starts out with chaining.  When I taught my crochet class, I thought it would take me the first 5 minutes to get everyone to master the chain... I was wrong, it took the whole hour of class to get everyone on the same page.  So don't worry if it takes you a bit to master the chain... there are LOTS of people that find it a bit tricky.  But the key is practice and soon it will be second nature!

For pictures and written instructions, please see this site here!  (Left-handers click here!)

Here's the video:

The Slip Stitch (ss):

It is embarrassing to admit, but when I first started crocheting I thought the slip stitch was the single crochet.  I actually made a whole headband in nothing but slip stitches!!  I felt like such a dork!

There are way better websites to explain the slip stitch than I can.  But I will point you in the right direction!

Here is a really good video on how to slip stitch:

Finishing off:

At the end of the pattern you are doing, it will say "finish off".  This is how you do that:

Working in Rounds:

You will need to know this if you are going to make a hat or anything rounded.  The beginning of the pattern will sometimes say: "Ch 4, ss in first ch to form loop"  This means, you will chain 4 times, then you will slip stitch into the first chain hole and it will form a loop.

Here is a great video that explains all about working in rounds:

I hope that helps you get off to a great start!!

Note:  If you are a book learner, and videos don't help, Lion Brand Yarn has a fantastic illustrated guide you should check out!  You can see it here!

Happy Crocheting!


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