wor·sted[woos-tid, wur-stid] noun 1. firmly twisted yarn or thread spun from combed, stapled wool fibers of the same length, for weaving, knitting, etc. Compare woolen. 2. wool cloth woven from such yarns, having a hard, smooth surface and no nap.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Freebie Friday

It's Friday again, yea!!! We love Fridays. : ) I'm excited to share a fun pattern e-book with you. It's December and that means the Hanukkah and Christmas holidays are here. I was looking around on a website that Cat told me about and found this way cute Santa hot pad, throws, and hats. There's so much on there. The website is http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Christmas-Crochet .

Here's a picture of the hats they have:

Holiday Hats

They have free e-books and one of them is the Holiday e-book from Red Heart Yarn. There's a ton of way cute crochet and knit patterns in it. I've downloaded it and am going to have to try some new things for this holiday season.

Holiday eBook from Red Heart Yarn

I hope you have as much fun checking it out as I did. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!!

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