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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cat's Sock Monkey Hat Pattern for Children and Adults

I am really pleased to announce the release of my child/adult size pattern for the sock monkey hat.  It has taken me a while to get this finished, mainly because I have been so busy this holiday season.  So here it is:

Cat's Sock Monkey Hat Pattern

For Children and Adults

***This is a listing for the pattern ONLY. Not a finished product*****

This is my beloved sock monkey hat pattern for Children and Adults. It took me about a year to perfect this pattern just the way I wanted it (and I have a stack of reject hats to prove it!)

Now, I get some complaints about the price. A lot of thought went into this price. Let me tell you ALL that this pattern includes:

*3 different sizes of hats, 
*2 sizes options for the ear flaps plus a no ear flap option,
*2 different sizes of ears,
*2 different mouth patterns, and 
*other options and tips to make your sock monkey hat more personal
*This pattern is 13 pages long, and includes step by step pictures to help illustrate some of the trickier parts.

I felt that my pattern offered more than some of the $6 ones... so there it is!

This is a crochet pattern for the following sizes: 
Child size
Teen/ Women's size
Men's size

Baby and toddler sizes will be sold separately. (See my listing here:http://www.etsy.com/listing/85993567/cats-sock-monkey-hat-pattern

This pattern is written in American English crochet terms.

Once you order this, and I receive payment, it will be emailed to you in a PDF format. (So you will need Adobe to read it, which can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com) I will send it within 24 hours of purchase or payment going through.

All sales are final, due to the nature of the pattern. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or send me a message.

© Copyright Notice: You have permission to sell the finished product for this pattern; I only ask you give credit to me, Catherine Lang, for the pattern. If you sell them online, I ask that you provide a link to the shop (http://theworstedcrochetblog.blogspot.com orhttp://www.etsy.com/shop/MamaCatsHats) for the pattern. Rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying this pattern itself is prohibited. Thank you for so much for your support, understanding and cooperation. -Cat

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  1. If people are complaining about a $2 difference for so many options then they are just being cheap. Thank you for a great pattern. I, for one, appreciate a thorough approach.


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