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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pokemon Fever!

So my kids were invited to a friend's birthday party. In our family we like to make gifts that are fun and entertaining to give as the gift. I only had a couple of days so I started brainstorming. I had seen the friend and his brother out looking for Pokemon with their dad so the idea started germinating to make a Pokemon for him.

Thus ensued a Pinterest binge while I searched for ideas. I found so many ideas on Pinterest, it was hard to choose. I even printed out two or three patterns before I decided on some patterns from one specific blog here. She had videos and a written patterns.  She is from Thailand but her English is actually pretty good. She has patterns written translated into English so you don't have to pull up Google translate at all.

Charmander is the one that I actually made for the birthday boy. I even made a Pokeball carrying bag for him. He LOVED it! He would set Charmander out and then throw the bag trying to catch him! He was so excited.

I found the Pokeball bag pattern here. If you look at the post you'll notice that the ball was made backwards with the red and white being switched. But it was no big deal to start with the white rather than the red. They are all really easy patterns to follow and were a lot of fun too. I made more Pokemon too for my Etsy page. I didn't actually take a picture of the bag I made for the birthday boy but pictured is my larger version that I made. I wanted it to be able to fit more than one Pokemon.

I had a lot of fun making these. I really enjoy amigurumi creations and love to make new things. Have you been working on any new projects lately? What are your favorite amigurumi projects?

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  1. She made this for my son and he still takes it everywhere with us!! He loves it! So cute and so well made!

    1. I'm so glad he loves it! Does he still try to "capture" Charmander with the bag? I love that he was doing that at his party!


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