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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rose's Scarf from "Boomtown"

Any Doctor Who Fans out there?

If you are a fan, and you crochet or knit, I am pretty sure you didn't miss the fabulous scarf that Rose wears in the episode called, "Boomtown" in season 2.

If you aren't a fan.  Sad for you.  I mean really.  Just sad.

Some friends pointed me that way a couple months ago when I was down sick.  I thought I had wasted an hour of my life after the first episode.  But my friends assured me to get through the first season and I wouldn't regret it.  They were right.  I am totally hooked.

When I saw this scarf, I REALLY wanted one.  And I am not a scarf person... never have been.  My neck is short, I inherited a stocky-Scandinavian look.  But I REALLY liked this one.  So I did what any modern crocheter/knitter would do, I Googled it.  Turns out that the costumer just picked up the store at some little shop there in London and had no idea what the colors or pattern was.  Just great, thought all my fellow crafters out there.  However, they were not to be deterred.  Someone got some close up shots and figured that it was knitted and came up with her own pattern.  Nope don't knit.  Moving on... finally I found a pattern written in crochet format.  But no pictures.  It was alright, I told myself, I would try it out anyway and see what happened.

All the knitters and crocheters warned that the yarn in those colors was impossible to find.  Most determined that the scarf was probably dyed or something else.

I searched all the stores and the internet and they were right.  Those colors are no where to be found.  So I settled for some other colors.  And I wasn't disappointed with how they turned out either!

I actually couldn't decide between two different ways, so I made two scarves and here is what I used:

You can find the pattern HERE! (or here)
Design by Elizabeth at vivonelcarmelo.livejournal.com

Scarf #1:

 I used Impeccable Impecable by Loops & Threads sold at Micheal's:

I did two rounds of the pattern before switching colors (so every 6 rows), I did it with the 2nd scarf as well.  Only there are 2 colors in the above one, and 4 on the other.

Here I am playing model with the scarf above.  Don't laugh.

Scarf #2:
I wasn't satisfied with just the scarf above.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVED it. But I wanted something with lots MORE different colors like the original Rose scarf.  So I came up with this one:

The yarn for this one was a little thinner, just a different brand is all, and so the scarf is about an inch thinner.  Which is fine with me because the variety between the two is great!  Now I have a scarf for every outfit!

Here is the yarn I used for this one:

I used Red Heart's With Love series (Now I am not a fan of Red Heart normally, but the With Love series is super soft!) I found 2 of these colors at Jo-ann's and the other two I had to order from Walmart:

  • Beachy
  • Waterlily
  • Autumn
  • Fruit Punch
Here is me once again playing model.  Same No Laughing rule applies:
Anyway, whether or not you are on Team Doctor, this is a lovely scarf, easy and quick to make (I made the 2nd in a couple hours while I watched a movie the other night), and just plain fun to wear!  

Happy Crocheting!

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  1. That is wayyyy cute!!! I will have to make me one.. someday :D

  2. I love this scarf! I don't typically wear them, but I would this. And the picture of you is amazing!

  3. Love it!! I have to admit that last week I actually started to watch Doctor Who and just watched this very episode. I watched mainly because you, Cat, admitted that you watched it so I gave it a chance. You did an amazing job replicating that scarf!


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