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Friday, March 1, 2013

Introducing the Bunny Backpack!!

So I really wanted to make something for my daughter for Easter. I'm not much of a decorator so everything basically has to have some purpose other than sitting on a shelf gathering dust. And dust it does collect because I just can't seem to get stuff up and down on a regular basis unless it's Halloween or Christmas, lol. Anyway so I was talking with my husband and he whips up some really cute backpack designs. Now it's a lot easier and faster for him to draw his design than it is for me to create it but creating it is still a lot of fun. Introducing the bunny backpack...

You can tell by this picture that she absolutely loved it!

Here's some more pictures of just the backpack itself.

I actually had a bunch of ideas on how to make it work out and then they failed. So I turned to trusty Google and found a really cute bunny hat pattern. It's by Rhondda at Oombawka Design. Just now as I went to get the link I found a new blog post with a revised version of the pattern with six size options. You can find the post here.

It was a fun pattern but the ears weren't right when I crocheted them. I had to modify the pattern. Disclaimer: I have not checked out the new pattern to see if it works since I just found it. I'll try it out for next time.

If you're a crocheter stay tuned for the pattern for this backpack. If you're not and you'd like this, you can purchase one here. I can customize any color and size you'd like, just let me know and we can work it out.

I hope you all have a great March! 


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