wor·sted[woos-tid, wur-stid] noun 1. firmly twisted yarn or thread spun from combed, stapled wool fibers of the same length, for weaving, knitting, etc. Compare woolen. 2. wool cloth woven from such yarns, having a hard, smooth surface and no nap.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Patterns Coming Soon!!

Things have been crazy for ALL of us this Christmas season.  And I know we haven't been keeping up to date, BUT It doesn't mean we haven't been plotting and planning for what comes next!

I have some patterns all written out... not yet typed or with pictures, but getting ready to post.  Among those are the children's, woman's, and updated men's versions of this hat:
The super popular Striped Hat.

I have also written a pattern for the popular beard, that goes GREAT with the striped hat above:

I have also designed 2 different types of fun mustaches, the handlebar (as seen above) and the curled up mustache (for the sillier among us).

I made these for my family this year, and it was the BIG HIT!  It was amazing to me that something so simple could bring so much laughter and fun.  It was great.

These patterns will all be posted no later than the end of next week.

Happy Crocheting!! Pin It

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  1. Those are so fun, Cat! I wish I could've been there to see everyone open their beards and try them on. That photo is hilarious! I love how you tailored the colors. :)


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