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Friday, October 28, 2011

First Freebie Friday!!

Welcome to Freebie Friday! We are going to do a special post every Friday where we spotlight another website/blog or post our own free pattern. I’m excited I get to do the first one! : )

The first website we want to spotlight is A Chick w/ Sticks. Chelsea is an awesome lady who is selling her hats to help with a charitable cause. Here is her link http://www.achickwsticks.com/search/label/Pattern.

She has some super cute Halloween patterns that she has put on her blog for free. They are so cute!! I wish I had time to make them all before Halloween but I didn’t get to them. I did make the Mr. Bones and The Web hats. They were so easy to do! I think it had only been like two days since I started crocheting again and I made these hats. I ended up making two of the spiderweb ones. They were so much fun and I love how they have a tight weave to them. I’m from Northern Utah so I’m all about keeping warm. Lol! : ) The only thing that I changed about her hats was I added a scalloped edge to the spiderweb hats. I made them for girls so I wanted to add an extra girly touch to it. They were awesome! I hope to be able to make the Frankenstein pattern. That is such a hoot and I would love it for my son for next Halloween. : )

I made used the Candy Corn pattern to make part of my son's Halloween costume for this year. He's only months old so I get to choose what he is. His big sister is Snow White so he gets to be Dopey. They'll be so cute together. :) Anyway I used the Candy Corn pattern to make a purple Dopey hat. I haven't put the D on it yet (as a hint to who he is : ) ) but I think it turned out way cute!

Make sure you check out all of the other crochet patterns and projects she has. She is very crafty and makes the cutest hats!

I hope you enjoyed our first Freebie Friday and that you come back often. We’d love to have you share any questions, ideas, or websites/blogs you think we should spotlight next. Have a great Friday and we hope you have a Happy Halloween!


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